sbp schlaich bergermann partner, Stuttgart

The new main headquarters of the international engineering office schlaich bergermann and partner is located in the west of Stuttgart. The interior design of the revitalized seven-storey office building from the 1970s is defined by its transparent room structures. Strähle‘s System 3400 from was used to separate the offices and conference rooms from the open workspaces. Due to the relatively low ceiling height, the architects of the Ippolito Fleitz Group were careful to reduce the heights of the floor and ceiling sections to a minimum. The twopart aluminium sections of the System 3400 make installation easy. The variable sections were glazed either with 16 mm thick laminated safety glass or 10 mm thick toughened safety glass depending on their sound insulation requirements. Used together with acoustic film, the laminated safety glass attains a sound insulation value of 41 dB (Rwp). 


The corridor walls built with laminated safety glass use aluminium frame door leaves while the toughened safety glass walls typically have fully-glazed doors. The architects also faced the important requirement that the fully-glazed system be stable enough to permit the integration of free floating cabinets on both sides of the offi ce partition walls. These cabinets were mounted on the glass walls and the existing supports, and are a main element of the interior design. A variant of System 3400 with curved glazing is used in the foyer. 


This project showcases the true versatility of System 3400. This is also reflected in the design solutions for details developed by Strähle in cooperation with the architects, such as cabinet mountings and connections on sloped ceilings.

Builder sbp GmbH, Stuttgart
Architect Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart

Zooey Braun
Partition systems 3400

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