Funke Media, Essen

The new corporate headquarters of the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE in Essen is more than an office building. The ensemble, consisting of a black building complex and a silver media tower includes its own children's nursery, restaurants and conference rooms, and – just as important – places to relax. On an area of 37,000 square metres, the media complex provides its roughly 1000 FUNKE staff with an atmosphere which promotes creativity and team work. The aim was to create a place which would promote communication and efficient working by means of its modern structure. Offices bathed in light provide the ideal surroundings to inspire creative journalism, forward-thinking work and new ideas.


Over sixty cubes from Strähle are distributed amongst the different departments, available for meetings and phone calls. Thanks to their double glazing, they fulfil the most stringent sound insulation regulations and are therefore ideally suited to the open-space concept. The Kubus II Dialog room-in-room system integrates ventilation, cooling, lighting and acoustic elements. System 2000 double-partition walls structure the conference area in the foyer with walls up to four metres high.


The team offices, café and meeting areas in the core zones were realised with room-height glass walls, some of which are in the F30 version. Flush 100 mm aluminium frame doors fulfil the very highest standards of discretion and confidentiality. Thanks to the modular design of the partition walls and room-in-room systems, the varying demands placed on modern workplaces can be met in the long term. Particular highlights of the campus are Germany's largest News Wall in the media tower and the design of the office remaining historically faithful to the original plan by founder Jakob Funke.

Architect AllesWirdGut, Wien ; Workspace planning: Combine, Munich
Photographie Huber Fotodesign, Nagold
Partition systems 2000
Door systems aluminium framed door
Room-in-room systems Kubus II

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