EgeTrans Marbach

Haulage company EgeTrans based in Marbach has had a new administration building built. Directly on the banks of the Neckar river, the five-storey construction features an open foyer and modern offices. In the upper floors, open and closed areas alike serve the various usage criteria of the company. In order to fulfil the high sound insulation demands, the meeting rooms were equipped with System 2000 partition walls with greater wall thickness. 


The 125-mm-thick glass wall, shown here with a white frame, fits perfectly with the 7400 glass acoustic wall by Strähle used in the open areas. In order to offer their employees acoustically optimised workplaces, the office areas were zoned off using a holistic acoustic concept as the basis. The transparent System 7400 combines ceiling-high glass elements with sound absorbers positioned at different locations in order to create acoustically separate areas.


The subtle arrangement of the micro-perforated absorbers and the use of glass resulted in a pleasant working atmosphere which maintains the overall feel of an open-space office but which also allows for direct communication, where required.

Builder EgeTrans GmbH
Architect Eger Planungsbüro GmbH
Photographie Huber Fotodesign
Partition systems 2000
Acoustic systems 7400

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