Visual privacy

High quality privacy screen for transparent room solutions
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Visual privacy

Product information

The mixture of transparency and discretion.

Even in transparently designed offices, sometimes visual privacy is needed. Strähle offers a wide range of options for combining transparency and discretion in a high-quality, stylish and practical way. Visual privacy can, for example, be ensured by means of blinds or using a fixed element with adhesive films, print, or using electrically activated glass. Adhesive films and prints can, for example, be used when planning the room to portray corporate identity or to include a signage system.

This is how our solutions look when they have been implemented. Inspiration and examples for innovative office concepts, implemented using blinds or adhesive films.

Technical Details

  • Integrated blinds in the 2000 and 2300 systems
  • Horizontal aluminum slats
  • width 25 mm
  • Operation manual via rotary knob or operation electric with electric motor

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Technical Details


Electrical and mechanical blinds can be integrated in System 2000 and 2300.


Horizontal slats made of aluminum, width 25 mm, slat surfaces according to the manufacturer's color collection


Manual operation via rotary knob or operation electrically with an electric motor

Blinds System 2000
Blinds System 2300

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